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About Us
About Us
Starting at Huaqiang North(1996-2007)

In 1996, David Senior starts the family business in Huaqiang North commercial area, Shenzhen, Chinese No.1 Electronics street. And they gain international reputation from MP3/MP4 & plug and digital LCD screen media players.

Expanding at Shangxue High and New Industrial Park(2007-2013)

We start to move in Shangxue High and New Industrial Park in 2007 with a 21,527sq feet factory, and add Tablet pc and Dashcam to our products portfolio. Times passes by with cooperated with Bestbuy, we expanded faster. 

Breaking point(2014-2019)

With POP & POS clients increased and domestic dashcam brand start, the brands our clients involved with Bestbuy, Philips, Whirlpool, AMAZON, Vionic, ELF, Blink, Spinmaster, Hasbro, Mattel, NINTENDO, ARLOS,Megablocks, Hoover, GE, TireKindom, Innolux, ANKI, Walmart, our factory expand to 69,940sq feet. 

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